torsdag den 30. juli 2009

thai again

we made up our minds to revisit that lovely thai place by the lakes for dinner tonight. my dish was the pad nam man hui; broccoli, carrots, and bean sprouts fried with my choice of meat (which was cuttlefish) in oyster sauce. very delicious, but also quite oily as you can see in the picture. as i told the dane, i could probably reproduce this at home (and with much less oil). sadly it was not as good as the wonderful seafood 'salad' that i ordered before. unfortunately no photos of that.

the dane ordered gang ped but somehow received gang panang. whatever, it was really good. not as spicy as the dish he got last time (a green curry, i think) but there was a really nice sweetness with the pineapple and grapes! we washed it all down with refreshing singha beers and neither of us had anything bad to say about those. i wouldn't call it disappointment, as i enjoyed both dishes, but i was in the mood for something spicy this night. next time i'll be a bit more assertive and ask the level of heat. either that or carry a small bottle of sambal oelek in my purse.

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Anonym sagde ...

There's a wonderful Thai restaurant that wins my heart because it serves real spicy Thai food, not the dumbed down version for farang / Danes.

It's tucked away on the side streets of Strøget. I couldn't recall the name but when I do, I will let you know. Gita and I had our lunch over there we had the spiciest fried fish ever!

mina sagde ...

ooohhhh! please do tell. even though my fiance is danish he has an odd love of sushi and spicy food. ^^

Anonym sagde ...

I remember the name now: Kalasin

Here's the webpage:

When you walk along Strøget toward Rådhuspladsen, you can see Aldo shoes on the left (or was it Esprit? Could never remember it) and turn left and enter that alley. It's next to a porn shop LOL

Do ask them to make it spicy and they'll make it as real Thai food. Ask for their special: That's the fried (whole) fish with the red (hot!) sauce I ate with Gita.

mina sagde ...

wow, thanks!! sounds so good... i'll keep my eyes peeled for the porn shop, i mean, thai place. :P