fredag den 31. juli 2009

leverpostej replacement?

as much as i love smørrebrød and its many toppings, there are some i try to avoid. liver pâté being one of them. it just makes me feel really heavy and gross after eating it; somehow so different than the thin smear of pâté in the banh mi i enjoyed in california. so when a soya spread appeared in netto this week, i knew i had to try it. on sale at 15kr for 150g, it was a little more than i wanted to pay for something that wasn't cheese made from real animals. worth a try, anyhow.

though the spread tasted good, it wasn't much more than the sum of its parts. besides the soya it pretty much tasted everything listed in the ingredients mashed together; tomato paste, carrot, potato flakes, garlic flakes, etc. a substitute for leverpostej, this is not. it would probably work better as a dip. however, i do appreciate organic soy products coming from germany (or was it austria..?) so here's hoping that they keep sending things like this over the border!

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Anonym sagde ...

That's interesting. I like soya a lot so I will probably like this one

Anonym sagde ...

btw I just got back from netto. They ran out of it *sobs*

I couldn't believe that they actually ran out of that thing since I don't think Danes would want to eat soya smøreost. Hmpf!

mina sagde ...

sorry to hear about that. happened to me both times they had organic peanut butter on sale. well that smøreost wasn't so good anyway... i'm making my own BETTER version tonight. :P