tirsdag den 14. juli 2009

quest for a new rugbrød

my loaf of rugbrød is almost gone and i'm sad to say that i'm not in a hurry to bake another one. the dane was not happy to hear that announcement. it's not that i don't like rye bread anymore! we just can't eat it fast enough to justify the time and effort that goes into baking a whole loaf that will end up going moldy in the cabinet. during summertime i prefer light dishes, and rye is very heavy. acorn jelly, radish kimchi, and zucchini pancake was just right for lunch. this time around i added julienned carrots to my kimchi, which imparts a subtle sweetness.

yes, i know this is not the healthiest way to enjoy summer squash... but it's a vegetable and i'm certainly enjoying it. i'll try to be more creative with the next one i buy. (:

2 kommentarer:

Rachel sagde ...

All your great pictures make me want to make something...anything from your blog. I'll have to choose something and then blog about that... maybe this wkend.... I might have time to give something a try. I'll definitely let you know what I chose to make...after I successfully make it of course lol

Karin W. sagde ...

I have two teenage boys staying with me right now. No need to worry about moldy bread then! They are constantly eating something.