mandag den 13. juli 2009


today i finally got a cpr number, which is the danish equivalent of an american social security number. hopefully this cpr can breathe some life into my bank account... to celebrate, i made myself a refreshing korean lunch complete with four banchan all made from scratch. not very often that i have more than two, sad to say... but a big feat deserves a big meal! kong jang, dotorimuk, hobak jeon, kimchi, and my little rice experiment. i soaked some black beans overnight and tossed them in the rice cooker with brown rice. it didn't turn out the same beautiful purple colour as when my grandma makes it, but it was still pretty good.

hobak jeon is a really simple way to enjoy denmark's summer squash; just slice and sprinkle with salt, let it sit for 10 minutes or so (i left it for half an hour since i excitedly ran out to open a bank account), rinse and squeeze out the water, pepper the hell out of it, and dredg in flour. optionally you can dip the courgette slices in some egg after that, but if you wanna keep it vegan then just skip the egg and toss the slices in an oiled pan to fry for a couple minutes until browned on each side.

my dad's mom always cooks us a humble but delicious dinner when we come to visit her, even though she's quite weak and doesn't have that much money. usually it was the purple rice i attempted, pancakes (of fish, sweet potato, and zucchini), a whole fried fish, kimchi, and a soup. after dinner she would cut some juicy korean pears or crisp apples with her tiny hands. up until several months ago i didn't really eat much of it except for the fish pancakes and fruit... which is a sad memory now that my grandma is very sick, weighing much less than 90lbs. she would always tell us to eat a lot and get mad if i didn't finish my rice, which i admit to dumping half into my dad's bowl when i was on an intense diet. sorry, grandma! my mouth waters thinking about the dishes she would lovingly prepare for us and i hope i can taste her cooking and tell her how amazing it is at least one more time.

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