fredag den 17. juli 2009

plentiful popsicles

maybe they have been hiding all this time, maybe they are just appearing now. in any case, i finally have my popsicle molds! now, i'm not one to mar the texture of fresh fruit when it's in season. so i wanted something a little different than precious danish strawberries for these pops.

a recipe for cucumber popsicles caught my eye; an odd choice for a sweet treat using an inexpensive vegetable that is plentiful in denmark. i usually pick up 4 huge cucumbers for 10kr at the green grocers and often they get soft before i can eat them all... these pops turned out refreshing but i kept coming across bland and sweet spots. next time i'll make a sugar syrup rather than using plain granules. i'll also try adding some gelatin or agar agar to make it a little less hard (the dane's only complaint). the next batch is yogurt with lemon and ginger and the one after that is ribena. not the healthiest choice, i know, but it's a very popular drink in denmark. maybe i'll also do cocio and faxe kondi pops. (:

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

great to hear that you've found the popsicle molds. It seems like a brilliant idea to make fruit popsicles but perhaps I don't have the patience, like usual.

I would like to invite you over for a cooking session sometimes at my place but still not sure when due to my schedule. Would like to introduce to my super-stærk homemade sambal oelek though :D

mina sagde ...

it just takes a couple minutes and then you forget about them in the freezer. :D

yay!! just let me know when you have time. teach me about the super stærk cooking!