fredag den 24. juli 2009

not airplane food

at this moment in time, i am in two places at once.

one mina is sitting on a flight to los angeles; picking at terrible airplane food thanks to SAS and trying to make her lower back ache slightly less by squirming in her seat. there is a middle-aged woman sitting next to her but mina doesn't want chit-chat. she wants to sleep, blocking out discomfort, until someone tells her to raise her chair back to an upright position because the plane is landing. but the lady prods until mina stops pretending to be asleep; she needs to borrow a pen because she filled out the US customs form in pencil. as mina looks through her backpack for a government-approved writing utensil, she thinks about how many trees would need to be planted to offset the carbon blah blah blah of this long and unpleasant flight.

this mina sat in a proper chair to eat her dinner; and not at some retarded (both at country of origin and destination) hour that airlines believe, with great conviction, is a proper feeding time. it was her very first attempt at caramelized onions. as mina shoveled the equivalent of 3 medium-large onions into her mouth she thought how strange it was that a year ago she claimed to be allergic to onions, she didn't give a damn about cooking, and she certainly didn't think she would be living in a strange country called denmark. after dinner (and much brushing of the teeth), she bought two cantaloupe melons with her danish mastercard. this was the first time using it and she did a stupid little hop and dance in the shop, elated that the transaction went through.

by the way, those onions were ridiculously good. i see them in my near (breakfasty) future.

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Anonym sagde ...

danish mastercard? that's a rare stuff LOL

mina sagde ...

yes, i know. the bank didn't want to give me a dankort until i have proof of 7-10 months income. :P