søndag den 12. juli 2009

a bare fridge = bare suppe

yes, i know that summer boasts an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables even in northern countries like this one. but i still haven't begun work yet so i have no paycheck and europe does have a funny thing with shopping on sundays. i remember at the beginning of my first month in denmark i wanted to go to the grocery store, only to find that all of them were closed. even at 1 in the afternoon! was it a holiday? no, it was a sunday. some supermarkets back in my parents' neighborhood would be open until midnight on weekends and later on weekdays.

and what day is today? ):

but i'm blessed enough to be able to pull together a healthy soup like miyuk guk even with only tofu from the fridge. dried sea plant, dried shiitakes, and saved vegan fish stock from the freezer. the drizzle of sesame oil at the end makes all the difference. i played on maangchi's recipe of course, but swapping beef and fish stock for vegan substitutes. the last time i made miyuk guk i used way too much dried sea plant, totally underestimating how much it would grow after soaking. which is a lot, by the way. this bowl was just right. (:

tomorrow i hope to buy some danish summer squash and use it for some korean dishes. by the way, when is raspberry season going to hit?

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Rachel sagde ...

mmm... raspberries! I like this post how you made something so delicious out what you had in kitchen already.

I don't think I mentioned it b4, but I really like all your great photos w/ your posts. Can't wait to see a picture of raspberries lol

mina sagde ...

thanks a lot rachel! i can't wait to see the raspberry photos either. ^^