tirsdag den 23. juni 2009


after months of reading other food blogs claiming "oh what will i do with all these xberries? there's jam, pie, tart, bread, clafoutis, etc..." grrr. there is absolutely no question of what i would do if i had an abundance of any berry. i would just eat them until i got sick of them. obviously denmark does not have easy year-round access to all the exotic fruits and vegetables available in places such as, say, california.

danish strawberries have to endure a long winter and when they finally come around, it's totally worth the wait. when i first saw the small berries that the dane brought home, i was slightly disappointed. he paid 35kr for a small basket and the size didn't seem worth it. no white shoulders, deep red through and through. with the first one i popped into my mouth, there was a flavour rush as if this small strawberry had been injected with sugary syrup. these are certainly not the giant fruits with white innards that i've grown up eating in orange county. the prices are dropping and i'm spitting out more seeds when i brush my teeth at night. (:

can't wait until raspberry season...

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Marianne sagde ...

I love the berries in Europe. I remember, back in Switzerland, picking wild strawberries on my walk home from school. They were soooooooo good.

Rachel sagde ...

Great post and pictures of the strawberries! When I met up with Eva in May, she welcomed me with danish strawberries and that delicious avocado drink.... all delicious!

I agree strawberries are expensive in DK, especially compared to USA like you said. I got 2 big containers for $5 last @ Whole Foods.... mmm!