fredag den 26. juni 2009

restocking the azn section of the pantry

breakfast was an easy korean-style steamed egg; perfect for when you are not feeling like poached or boiled eggs but don't want to consume oils so early in the day. from all the recipes i've seen, it seems like it's loosely based around very few ingredients. i mixed one egg with a few tablespoons of water, a pinch of salt, one stalk of spring onion, and tossed in some rehydrated mushrooms. next time i'll go for a shorter cooking time; 15 minutes of sitting in the steamer basket of the rice cooker was a bit too long and the egg became a little dry. hey, my contact lenses aren't going to put themselves into my tiny eyes. ):

the spring onions i bought about 2 weeks ago are still giving. i don't remember where i saw the article, but i vaguely recall there was a video on the page describing how to stop wasting these lovely greens! just cut off what you need and leave an inch or so of the white part. set them in a bit of water for a day. you should be able to see a little regrowth. plant them in a pot in a sunny spot in your kitchen and water it when the soil feels dry. just keep clipping off what you need and you'll rarely need to buy spring onions again. can you see where it's grown back? (:

today i got my bike back from the shop. i'm so happy that my basket is fixed now, though i could have done it soon after it was broken. the kickstand was also adjusted and a spoke re-attached. what can i say? i have a hard time spending money on this sort of thing when i don't have any income. but with work on the horizon, i don't feel bad about it. ^^

so of course i filled my newly fixed basket with all sorts of goodies! certainly these prices are nothing compared to the korean markets of california blah blah blah but they are pretty good deals considering i'm in copenhagen. i got these from three different shops by the central station; boasam (which i've mentioned in a previous post), chinatown market, and bangkok trading. my reciepts looked something like this:
15kr rice vinegar 355ml
15kr mirin 355ml
12kr agar agar powder 35g
10kr fresh daikon radish 875g
12kr silken tofu 500g
12kr silken tofu 500g
12kr pressed tofu 350g
26kr dried shiitake mushrooms 170g
20kr fresh bok choy (10 heads)
23kr dried soybeans 1kg
5kr fresh ginger 200g
162kr = $30.37 USD!! arg... oh well, it could have been much worse. i'm not sure what i'll do with the agar agar powder but i get a bit queasy when i use regular gelatin so i'm sure an opportunity will present itself. fruit jigglers?! as for the bok choy, it looked so good that i couldn't resist. and with all the fruits that are available nowadays, i realized i haven't been eating that many vegetables. my friends mr. garlic and ms. bok choy will help me out in that department. (8

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Anonym sagde ...

Uhm, I need to get down to those shops soon. I've been craving bok choy lately, and you can't find it on Østerbro!

Apropos the agar agar, here's my own recipe for citronfromage with it instead of gelatine. Yummy!