torsdag den 25. juni 2009

sommer mad

warmth! the sun on my back! it's unbelievable for me, still. i definitely made my first appearance in denmark at the wrong time. now that we're having highs of about 25°C here in copenhagen, it's nice to have something cool to eat for lunch. i was inspired by joanne's recipe at week of menus, but of course anyone reading my blog must know by now that i have no job and therefore i'm quite cheap. basically i just stir fried the kimchi with garlic, ginger, and a bit of its juice. and of course sesame oil at the end. hot kimchi on top of cold tofu may sound like a combination but don't knock it til you try it. my tub of kimchi is almost empty so i'm getting ready to try my hand at the vegetarian (no fish sauce) version soon.

the hospital sent me the work and residency paperwork on monday so of course the dane used that as an excuse to celebrate. which always means sushi. we went to our favourite restaurant in copenhagen; bento. their rice is well-seasoned and the family who runs the place are all sweethearts. they changed their menu up a little bit and i was esctatic to spot octopus with pickled cucumbers among the starters. cephalopods are one of the foods i miss most from california; i'm not sure why they don't appear in more restaurants. the spicy sauce on the octopus went really well with the seasoned veg; all crisp, clean tastes. and of course i had a little shot of sochu on ice to refresh myself further. ^^

today i went to the immigration office to ask a few questions and turn in my application. 3 and a half hours went by before i could talk to someone! i was so relieved and happy when i got out of that stuffy waiting room that i treated myself to an ice cream at a kiosk on the way home. it was quite warm outside so i didn't really think much of paying 14kr for a bit of strawberry ice cream in a chocolate shell. but while i was jogging later i thought about all the fruit-based frozen yogurts i make at home and how the texture is not condusive to scooping, as i don't own an ice cream machine. so then i thought of buying a popsicle mold! that would save so much money (and kilos...) if only i could find one. out of all the shops i've visited those molds have never been spotted. being the old scrooge i am, i'm actually considering biking out to gentofte's ikea to buy a cheap set... unless anyone knows where i can pick one up in the city? x:

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