onsdag den 20. maj 2009

drømmekage; third time's a charm

my first attempt at zarah maria's drømmekage ended in disaster. for some reason i had the idea that i could bake it in a long loaf pan. the center never set properly, even after an extra 15-20 minutes in the oven, and the topping sank into the butter-soaked sponge of a 'cake.' the dane and i ate a slice each and i tossed the rest. it was like eating something that was about to be deep-fried. but i get the feeling that the dane liked the absurd richness anyway. :P

the second time i tried was for a sort of julefrokost that i put together for my friends when i was visiting california in december. that cake was baked in a well-greased round and came out fine, albeit a tiny bit dry. i only used a third of the butter suggested in the topping but i didn't think it was a huge loss. my friends enjoyed it after the rugbrød (brought from føtex in denmark) topped with their choice of cucumber, avocado, tomato, hummus, and pålægschokolade (also from my suitcase). now that i bake rugbrød regularly, it's funny to think i used to buy so much from the stores! in fact, i made two new loaves just yesterday. ^^

my third drømmekage was baked on monday to celebrate the fact that after more than half a year in denmark, i may have netted myself a job! friday is the last day i make a trip out there before they give me their final decision next week. jubie!! i really liked this cake since it was fluffy, moist, and just slightly runny in the center. again i used only a third of the butter in the topping, which i think my flatmates were thankful for. i left it out on the counter for anyone and it was completely obliterated the next morning! and i only had a small slice myself... the plan was to take a remaining chunk to the tigerspring office, but i guess it was just too good to leave alone. (:

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Anonym sagde ...

Oh jezz. You're a baking guru. I don't even dare to touch the baking subject since I have never had luck with it so it's like a taboo cooking experiment for me :D

mina sagde ...

aww, kom nu! far from a guru. as long as the recipe is solid, baking is easy. i actually started baking before i learned to cook. ^^;