tirsdag den 28. april 2009

third time's a charm... sort of.

it was incredibly difficult for me to get back to denmark, where i've never had so much as a hiccup in the process before. the night before (24) departure, i realized i couldn't find my passport! my very sweet brother called off his very important appointments for the day and drove me to the los angeles passport agency to get a new one. after much time and heartache, i had to reschedule my flight to the next day because i got a new passport an hour too late for my flight.

fast forward to the next morning (25). my mom drives me to the airport. i board the plane. they tell us to get off the plane because of weather problems in chicago. after much time and heartache, i'm able to reschedule a flight for tomorrow. luckily my mom and dad are on the way to grandma's for dinner so los angeles airport isn't too out of the way for them to come pick me up and eat some mo' korean food.

finally, it's sunday (26). my mom drives me to the airport yet again and this time i think she just wants me to get out of the country, hehe. i proceed to enter my information to print myself a boarding pass but it says i'm too late. too late? i thought i was 3 hours before departure... speaking for an hour and a half to a clerk reveals that united airlines rescheduled me to an earlier flight without telling me. what. not only that, but the flight i'm supposed to get on is cancelled due to weather problems in san francisco, where i have to connect. the clerk manages to reschedule me to a 7am flight tomorrow and books me a hotel.

when i arrive denmark it's the 28th; three days late. my bags get there miraculously at the same time as i do. "glad something finally went right," i said stupidly. as i open the bags inside our apartment, i notice a strange smell...

...the tub of gochujang i packed has broken open and there's korean hot pepper paste all over the inside of my suitcase.

the moral of the story is:

a) try not to connect in chicago or san francisco
b) don't get greedy importing fermented foods
c) it can always get worse.

8 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

hey, you wanna meet up perhaps? now that you're back in cph.

How do you feel about those shootings going on in nørrebro? *shudders*

mina sagde ...

sure! why don't we meet at one of those cafes on blågårdsgade? (:

hehe, i kid. though that would be convenient since it is directly across the street from our apartment. i don't know much about the shootings sadly, except that it is gang related. maybe i am not afraid because i'm not in a gang..?

Anonym sagde ...

err..but those gang members are not that smart, they just shoot whatever that moves. There are a lot of stray bullet cases lately :(

mina sagde ...

of course i feel bad that it's happening, but all i can say is that nørrebro is a lot safer than los angeles. ):

pick a place. ^^

Anonym sagde ...

yeah, you're right. I wrote a post about it a couple of weeks ago - that I should - in theory - not be scared since I came from one of the most notorious cities in Asia LOL but hey, I still get scared :( I guess I'm a chicken.

Btw, about the meeting place, err..some other place please LOL

mina sagde ...

how about kaffesalonen? i'm not sure where you live but it's just on the cusp of nørrebro, not scary at all. though it may be crowded since weather permits that the lakefront tables are open. :P

June sagde ...

Looks like Murphys Theory decided to test itself on you !

Anonym sagde ...

the one by the lake? ok, when? drop me a message in my blog if you have time