torsdag den 23. april 2009


i got all excited when i walked into the kitchen and saw a big bowl of perilla leaves, mushrooms, and raw squid. it only means haemul pajeon! seafood pancake is one of my favourite korean foods and it's especially satisfying when drinking. seeing my mom slaving away in the kitchen on a VERY hot day (i think it rose over 100°F) was a familiar sight but this time i helped her out a bit while bothering her with my camera. it's moments like this that i really miss in denmark.

watching my mom prepare it, i became more and more giddy (and hungry). that is, until i asked her about the recipe...

what!! my mom uses a mix?! i'm so disappointed... i thought she had a secret family recipe or something. then she adds insult to injury by saying, "your grandma probably uses the same mix." SO DISAPPOINTED. ): ): ):

anyway it was still as good as i remembered, served with cold kimchi. gotta hand it to the mix-makers; it's convenient and tasty.after a stack of pancakes i must have gained 3lb that night. x:

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She talks like June sagde ...

LOL! Oh! mums and their secrets! Why do we always expect mothers to do it the right way and not take super-market shortcuts.

Anonym sagde ...

that looks extremely yummy. When are you back in copenhagen? Then I will wait in front of your door for any Korean food that you might offer LOOL