tirsdag den 10. marts 2009

nørrebro bryghus

i didn't cook anything yesterday because the dane took me to nørrebro bryghus; a great brewery around the corner from our apartment. we got the theater menu along with the accompanying beer menu. he wasn't feeling very healthy but we went anyway. what a sweetheart!

the appetizer was smoked celery soup flavoured with la granja stout and served with grilled langoustine. there's also some roe, which made tasty surprises as they popped in my mouth with soup. mmm!

now for the main dish! venison with cauliflower and potato purée flavoured with ravnsborg rød, roasted cauliflower, rustic compote of pears and lingonberry purée. i loved the salt flakes sparsely sprinkled on top, intensifying the flavour. the meat itself was cooked quite rare and the texture was... well, let's just say i dreamed about it last night. i'm pretty sure this was the first time i've had venison and it reminded me of everything i love about red meat. my potential plunge into vegetarianism has been postponed yet another year.

i'm a total sweets fiend but the main dish was just slightly better than dessert for me. but it took me many hours of deliberation to decide that. dark chocolate crème brulée with helene heather sorbet. menu also says there's supposed to be italian meringues but i saw none such. however, it was also my first time having a chocolate crème brulée so i was swooning too much to notice the absence of meringues.

now, the drinks. the main reason i came here was to try some of the brewery's fine beers and learn a bit about pairing with food. however i don't think they went very well with dinner. not to say they didn't taste good, because they did! but there was no eye-opening or palate-shocking experience. at most, the la granja stout paired nicely with dessert but it doesn't take a rocket scientist (or a beer... scientist) to figure out that coffee goes well with chocolate. the food stood out more to me than the brewery's beers. i left scratching my head but satisfied and well-watered.

many thanks to the dane for bringing me to the bryghus! (:

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Melissa Barrett sagde ...

Wow, I'm jealous! That soup sounded wonderful. I know lots of people who could live without celery, but I LOVE the stuff. And venison too. My dad is hunter, and I'm used to having some venison in the freezer in the U.S. I know lots of people who say they don't like deer meat either, but when cooked properly, it can't be beat.