mandag den 9. marts 2009

kimchi pancake

yeah, i know what you're thinking. GROSS. shut your face. this is an ideal barfood if you can handle a bit of heat and it's so easy to make that you can probably flip up a few after a couple drinks. finally, it's the perfect way to use up the old kimchi that's bullying all the other food in your fridge. my mom usually makes the pancakes with mung beans (bin dae ddeok) that have been soaked and then blitzed in a food processor but i have no such beans so i made do with what i had.
kimchi jeon
(makes one big, ugly pancake)

1 quarter of a napa cabbage kimchi (almost a cup?)
1/2 cup of kimchi juices
1/2 cup of durum flour
1 egg
1 spring onion

1/3 cup water (cooks faster if it's watery)
1 tbsp of gochujang (if it ain't already hot enough for ya)

chop up the kimchi and spring onion into thin strips and mix it up with all the other stuff. heat up a pan and put a dab of olive oil. drop the mix into the pan and cook on medium-high until it's browned on the bottom. flip! brown on the other side and slide it onto a plate for chowing.
even better if there's squid included in the mix. and by the way, don't drink red wine with this. you'll get a big stomachache. not like i did that last night or anything... and you'll have to excuse any off-measurements. hehehe...

2 kommentarer:

laurence sagde ...

nah, looks amazing. if only we ever had old kimchi in our fridge. ever.. :/

gaga sagde ...

Not gross at all! I love kimchi pancakes.