tirsdag den 3. februar 2009

miso grateful

apparently february is soup month. fine by me, as our cabinet is well-stocked with miso paste and some dried accessories for it. my mom was kind enough to send me off with a bag of instant miso and a couple extra packets of the paste itself. it's so nice being able to have hot soup in the time that it takes to boil some water once you get home from running around in the cold. and of course a little spice to clear up the sinuses... (;

murder scene

my kimchi is still holding its own in the fridge and freaking out the roommates. i think kimchi chigae is in order soon! the stuff is ripe. if only i could bring myself to spend $8 on tofu for proper chigae... P:

modern art or peeling FAIL?

the last carton of eggs i bought was entirely too frustrating. no matter how long the cold water bath after boiling, the shells stubbornly held their ground. or rather, their egg. i've heard that old eggs are easiest to peel and this particular one was last in the bunch that was expiring the very day i boiled it. no way to explain it, i suppose. but a shoddy-looking peel job wasn't going to keep me from having a shoyu egg for a night snack. mmm!

the new carton is much more, uh, normal. this morning i peeled one flawlessly for a shoyu egg to top breakfast. carrots and green beans dressed with a mix of watered-down miso paste and rice vinegar. a sprinkle of sesame seeds didn't hurt.

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Melissa Lauterbach Barrett sagde ...

Oh! - This post reminds me that I completely forgot to get dry miso soup packets while in the US over xmas. So, I think my scavenger hunt for this weekend will have to be - miso.