onsdag den 4. februar 2009

gone fishin'

last night i was trying to do some reading in the kitchen but i was probably putting more thought into what to make for dinner. suddenly my dane walked through the door! i wasn't expecting him home for another 2 hours but he'd finished up early and went to the fishmonger down by nørreport station. surprise! two fresh slabs of tuna and salmon. apparently he made enough money to pay rent. nørreport fiskehus isn't cheap by any means, but they have really fresh fish and these filets are easiest to cut sashimi from. when we are strapped for cash but still want sushi, we usually just buy some fresh filets from irma or superbrugsen and cut what we can from it. i wonder if that's safe... in any case, we haven't gotten sick yet and it's almost as tasty.

i cooked some short grain rice and after it was done, i cut in some sushi rice vinegar and left the bowl by the open window to cool to room temperature. normally i use approximately equal parts sugar to regular rice vinegar as i've heard from alton brown (authentic, i know) but the aformentioned ready-made vinegar seems to do the trick almost as well. if i do say so myself, i think we managed to make some nice-looking pieces and the fish was delicious. we both left the table satisfied and happy.

yes, satisfied. i know in orange county i have every legal fish available to me in sushi restaurants. my favourite, murasaki, has even turned me onto the occasional piece of sea urchin and oyster (which i used to hate). here in copenhagen the most exotic offering is probably sea bream or eel and obviously there's quite a premium to be paid for sashimi. strange, seeing how denmark is one of the world's big exporters of seafood! though famous for mackerel and herring, neither of them (or their eggs, in the case of the latter) are offered on sushi menus. but i knew what i was leaving behind when i packed my suitcase and i've learned to live with it. and it helps that the local salmon is stellar. ^^

fresh sashimi from mitsuwa supermarket in california

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