tirsdag den 10. maj 2011


i'm not vegan. i'm not even vegetarian. but when it's not there, i never miss meat... except fish and chicken. and don't give me that crap that i would still be considered a "vegetarian." those people do not eat chicken. they also do not eat fish. stop putting that on your menu and labeling it as a "vegetarian dish." sorry about that rant, i'm sure i've mentioned it before but i keep seeing it! if i am annoyed by that, imagine how the vegetarians feel. fix it. *huff* anyway! /:',

roast chicken could easily be my last meal. i'm not sure what exactly makes me drool when i think of it, but i am almost always in the mood for a plate of it! recently, a friend of mine was ordering a bunch of chickens from hopballe; a mill which keeps free-range, GMO-free, almost CO2 neutral chickens here in denmark. i asked that she place an order for me so we could save on shipping, but my friend ended up giving it to me as a belated wedding gift. i wanted to treat this wonderful present as respectfully as possible; so rather than chopping it up and turning it into a burning thai curry or korean fried chicken, i decided on a subtle, simple roast.

i served it to my husband with this white wine. why have i been avoiding chardonnays for so long? this wine was fantastic with the chicken! not too dry and the mild sweetness cut through the salty skin and somewhat oily bits. this would be a great wine for bbqs as well, i imagine. as for the bird, the skin came out wonderfully crispy and the meat was incredibly moist. i should have used a flakier salt, though; it seemed a bit uneven. next time!

even the second and third days, the meat was still very moist. surprisingly i only ended up making one chicken sandwich, instead opting to use most of the leftovers in a vietnamese-style salad based on this recipe. i switched out the onions and mint for bell peppers and danish cucumber. the salad was very refreshing for the warm spring days that are finally hitting copenhagen. i almost want to roast another chicken right now, just to make this salad! this is definitely not the last time i'm getting one of these hopballe chickens. thanks, L! (:

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Anonym sagde ...

Hey - I am really glad to discover this. great job!

Claire sagde ...

Thanks for the rant, that made me laugh.