søndag den 29. marts 2009


ain't easy following up a post about eating live octopus and urchin. actually i haven't cooked anything since my fiance and his parents arrived. not to say there's any shortage of good food; we've mostly been eating out at restaurants. however, there's one very nice meal to speak of from home and it's made by the dane's father. delicious pan-fried salmon (from santa monica seafood) with veggies and cream sauce. the dane's mom did a nice presentation. (:

other than that, the dane has been insisting that we eat sushi at least once a day. it is much cheaper here than in denmark and of course there is a much wider variety available. as much as i love sushi, i think this diet is starting to take a toll on me. yes, it is generally low in fat and raw fish is easier to digest... but once a day?! i'm shoving as many fruits, vegetables, and grains as i can fit into my mouth but there's still a feeling of unease. i've been keeping to my daily jogging routine with one day off each week so at least that's keeping me somewhat healthy. (:

as soon as he leaves, it'll be fruit, vegetable, and korean food all the way. with frozen yogurt once a day. :D

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