mandag den 26. januar 2009

delayed reaction

an antique shop's display on nørrebrogade

this blog has been sitting here empty for couple years. i'm not sure what spurred me to write in it today but i have a funny feeling that it might help keep me from going crazy. or at least record my slow descent into craziness. so what happened differently today than any of the other days in the past 4 months? well, my fiance (the dane i moved to denmark for) went with me to the library and we got 2 children's books in danish. a language course in a classroom setting would have been ideal but a few phonecalls determined that i don't have enough money for it since i'm not a copenhagener so the dane and i settled with children's books and politiken. for now.

i'm 23 years old and currently reading cirkeline på opdagelse.

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