søndag den 9. november 2014


soooo... i haven't been posting for a while because of the usual reasons. lazy. uninspired. but also because between this post and the last i have become a divorcée and obviously moved out on my own. my ex-husband and i are still on good terms and we 'share custody' of our two cats, which i am grateful for.

beet-pickled deviled eggs with kimchi
of course i have been cooking a lot; much more so now that i live alone. i was lucky enough to find an apartment to rent with a great location and nice kitchen with enough storage to keep all my appliances and knick knacks out of sight when not in use.

(packaged) cod roe sauce on homemade noodles

one sizeable undertaking i tried in my new apartment was to make tofu. it was a lot of work that yielded a pock-marked block of bitter tofu; not sure if it was because i used epsom salt or didn't keep it at the right temperature. however, it did have a lot of okara/biji leftover for me to work with, which tasted a lot better than the tofu. i made patties with it and froze the rest. as you can see, i've also starting making bentos again but hardcore! i started using instagram and have been harvesting a wealth of inspiration from other people's lunches from all over the world.

owl tofu! with terong balado, spicy indonesian eggplant

kenchinjiru with okara instead of tofu

slices of fried tofu and tofu patties
hopefully i can get back on the blogging horse instead of lazily posting on instagram. thanks to anyone who stuck around. ("

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BavarianSojourn sagde ...

Sorry to hear that M. Onwards and upwards! Love the bento boxes you have been making, and as for the kimchi eggs - delicious! :) Emma x

Unknown sagde ...

Hi Mina! This is Jen :) I still check out your blog occasionally and enjoy your recipes. I have gotten quite lazy with my cooking since back in the states and need to get inspired again. I tried making miso soup and thought of you. It tasted ok, but nothing like in the restaurant. Hope you are well :)

Anonym sagde ...

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