mandag den 6. august 2012

no recipe

so, danish summer is (or should i say "was") not all it's cracked up to be this year. there have been more cold/windy days than sunny, with lots of rain to add insult to injury. but that did make the local strawberries taste even better than i remember last year. there haven't been any strawberries jams or pies made, as we've been content with eating them straight out of their punnets. anyway, it hasn't been hot enough to avoid cooking on most days, so here is a bit of what's been going on in my kitchen.

mussels and soba

chili crab

a strange mix of balinese food; chicken in coconut milk, water spinach, fried tempe, and rice



pho accoutrements. sorry, the soup was made from a packet. I:

pandan chicken.

clockwise from top right: spicy bean sprouts and green beans, water spinach, fried shallots, that chicken in coconut milk again, and coconut rice

i've been making a lot of indonesian dishes lately. i feel like a traitor, haha! in the following months i'll try to make more korean food. (:

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BavarianSojourn sagde ...

Steve has just been reading over my shoulder (one of his more annoying habits!), and has just commented on this post "oh wow, that looks good, where's that?" thinking you were a restaurant or something... He's still cross he didn't get to come with me to yours that night! Can we have some recipes for all of these please?? :D

mina sagde ...

awww, bless! ^^

hopefully i'll be able to visit you guys sometime or vice versa. life still good there? as for recipes, i sadly forgot where they came from; i found them all online except the indonesian ones from a bali cookbook. oh and the korean recipes came from maangchi of course. (: