lørdag den 3. marts 2012

we are now with cat

my husband and i finally got two kitties! the striped one is seven of nine and the black one is uhura. i am so in love with them, even though their little claws are constantly marking their territory (me and husband included..) and their shenanigans wake us and they kick litter around like they hate it... but the thing that probably stresses me out the most about them is, you guessed it, their food.

i've owned two cats before, but that was back in california where my parents did most of the important stuff for them. though i gave them their hated baths and brushed them and fed them, it was my parents that bought the cat shampoo and food and hair cuts. now that it's me who is purchasing, i did a bit of research and at first i wanted my cats to have a raw food diet. i've come to realize that doing it in copenhagen is insane. there is no way i could afford to keep up with a diet like that! but when you think about it, cats should be eating wet food, chasing down their prey a bit, getting nutrients from bones, liver, etc. i feed them a 50-50 mix of hill's food for kittens and sterilized young cats, as recommended by the cat shelter we bought our kittens from. though it is a bit more expensive than whiskas or whatever is in the supermarket, i feel good knowing that they aren't ingesting crap made mostly of vegetable protein and e-numbers. and it is way more affordable than buying fresh meat and bone meal for them.

occasionally i give them some meat chopped into little pieces, but only if we are going to have it for dinner. i have also treated them to cod roe and sardines, which they are crazy about. if they smell a chicken roasting or some stock being simmered, they think it's treat time and the meowing symphony takes off. i really hope they are getting all the nutrients they need.. and i cringe to think of how i'll be if/when i have a kid. i'll be drawing up charts and sorting food based on most efficient nutritional intake. i'll have to quit my job to keep up with all the research... hmm, maybe it's best that crazy people like me don't have children. ^^;

so what do you feed your cats?

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Anonym sagde ...

Awww, they're darling! Congrats on your furry, feline companions. - We have a ragdoll cat, and she's been eating a holistic dry food mix. It's the only thing she'll eat!! I have tried other dried, and wet food with moderate to low success. Even pieces of chicken or fish... but she's healthy and lively, I guess that's all that counts. Good luck with your new kitties :)

Iwalk sagde ...

Aww! Your kitties are lovely. Sooo cute!

Martyna sagde ...

Love the first picture ;] Never had a cat so no idea what they eat ;]

Rachel sagde ...

I haven't been to your blog in awhile. I'm so glad I was checking Blogger and saw this post of yours. I've seen the pictures of your kittens.... and their names are adorable as they are.

I'm sure you're feeding them just the right food. Slippers eats Science Diet - wet food with some dry mixed in. Slippers is soooo spoiled which I'm sure Seven of Nine and Uhura are, too.

See you soon!

Anonym sagde ...

You should try a raw food diet. Go to www.felineinstincts.com and read how easy it is to do! I would never feed any cat I had any of the canned or dry foods. None of it is good for them! Your cats will be happier, healthier and they will poop less because their bodies are using actual food instead of trying to process junk!