torsdag den 1. september 2011

tahu goreng

if you found this page, you must have noticed that i changed the name of my blog. annoyingly, the old atherosclerosis URLs don't redirect back here... but then again, that would be a pretty hefty task to accomplish. and it's not like that many links lead back here... anyway, one thing that spurred the shift was that my husband and i just bought a flat together! the kitchen we have how is extremely small by american standards and even a little on the wee side for danes. our new kitchen will still not be as big as one in a typical american home, but it's almost twice the size of our current hole-in-the-wall. i can't wait to teach myself more about cooking and food photography in a bigger flat that will be all ours... at least for a couple years. ^^

 nowadays i find myself paying attention to detail and noticing things that i normally wouldn't have. i'm sure it has something to do with the time i've been putting into drawing again. i've always been afraid of frying in anything more than a half-inch of oil, but today i made tahu goreng, or fried tofu. you can find the recipe at køkken69 and see how much better it looks on her blog. i almost left out the small detail of frying the tofu, as weird as it sounds. on the package it stated that it had already been fried. but i'm glad i convinced myself to do it, because the texture was so great against the crunchy bean sprouts and the peanut sauce. obviously the original recipe's sauce looks much finer but i actually enjoyed the crumbly bits of peanut and random bite of garlic. i ate it with brown rice noodles which soaked up the sauce nicely. and yes, i used dark soy sauce. i finally caved and bought a bottle each of light and dark after a year of only using 3 types; regular old kikkoman, gluten-free. and kecap manis. there's a detail that never should have been left out. seriously, it's worth it to have an array of soy sauces. o_o

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