lørdag den 4. december 2010

spice addiction

sometimes i feel an imbalance. not sure if it's hormonal, psychological, or what have you. most of the time this problem can be solved with spice! it's also my number one hangover cure. but i'm not always in the mood for something so hot that i won't be able to taste anything for the rest of the day. sometimes just a mild kick can do the trick. that's why i love to have these pickled habanero onions sitting in the fridge; ready to crown the top of a sandwich or a salad. the strong taste of the onion is mellower and the pepper gives a nice kick.

unfortunately my habanero plant isn't looking too good these days; i constantly have to brush aphids off of it since my ladybug vanished. i refuse to spray my organic plant with anything, does anyone have a natural home remedy to get rid of these buggers? one day it was looking so bad that i just cut off the 3 remaining ripe habaneros, for fear that the aphids would get to them before i could. this salsa recipe was perfect for it. i thought it was the perfect mix of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour. unfortunately none of my other friends would touch it after the first bite. maybe too spicy for most? P:

though the plant is still in a sad state, i'm feeling better now that a little seedling has appeared. i think i'll move it to another pot soon, but the aphids will probably follow it there. how did they even manage to get in the flat, on the third floor? hmph. for now i'll have to settle with brushing them off by hand. /:

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Anonym sagde ...

I haven't tried it myself yet, but I've read a lot of good stuff about using Grapefruit Seed Extract as a bug deterrent. Maybe try a few drops in water, and wash your plant in it, or with a spray perhaps. It's ok to ingest btw, I drink it with water when I think I've got a bug that needs to be purges. Tastes bitter, but perfectly safe.

Bri sagde ...

At first I thought you were going to be showing off your spice collection, and I got all ready to be "you ain't got nothing!"

My Dad swears by using a mix of chili flakes and soap. He heats up a few chili flakes, a tablespoon or so, in a pot with water, when it's cooled off he adds some soap or friendly washing up liquid. Then sprays the plants with it. Keeps bugs off and should work on aphids too. Just remember to wash everything before you eat it.