torsdag den 28. oktober 2010


i've known about folkekøkkener, which directly translates to "the people's kitchens," in nørrebro for a while. but some... thing has made me keep my distance up until last month. it's really a beautiful idea. in a city where you're lucky to find a decent falafel for less than 30kr, you can have a mostly vegan buffet at your fingertips for 20-25kr (depending which kitchen you visit). the closest one to our apartment is folkets hus, which means "the people's house." they have a sunday brunch at noon about every other sunday.

i was surprised to see that the, er, clientele was mostly young hipsters. in my mind, soup kitchens are for the poor. but then again, the high living cost in copenhagen can make students pretty poor. but i at least hope that word is getting around in shelters that there is access to healthy food for a few dollars. now... to the food!!

this plate was 25kr. as of today, that is about $4.62 usd. though it may seem expensive to my friends across the pond, it's extremely cheap for that amount of food in denmark. what you see is bread with jam (cheese optional), pasta salad, tabbouleh, roasted root vegetables, green lentil spread, hummus, guacamole, and a vegetarian (not vegan) lasagne. once everyone has eaten, you're free to take some bread home with you. assuming folkets hus is doing the same thing as the soup kitchen i work at, the bread has been donated by a local organic bakery.

if you'd like to eat here, keep an eye on the calendar. they provide brunch about every other sunday. come at 9am to help cook and get a free meal or pay 25kr to eat at noon. though if you'd like a proper seat and not eat standing, i suggest you come at 12 sharp. (:

folkets hus

stengade 50
2200 kbh n

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Seglare sagde ...

Thanks for the interesting post (and the older ones, too, all of which I finally had the time to read today). :) I have heard a lot about Folkekøkken and even used to have some student friends volunteering there; but for some reason, I have never got around to visiting one myself yet. The food looks so good - and cheap! - that I think I'll finally have to try it when I return to Denmark. I have mostly given up eating out - with the lack of good vegan options and the outrageous prices - so this might be a nice alternative. :)

mina sagde ...

when are you coming back, seglare? there is another vegan brunch at folkets hus tomorrow (halloween!) and of course the vegan dinner at kafa-x happens every tuesday at 7. ^^

Bri sagde ...

Hmmmmm more customers for my so far only imaginary vege cafe/restaurant in Copenhagen... :D