fredag den 22. oktober 2010

cooking for others

this photo is from my friend's birthday last week. two of her friends flew in from england to surprise her! best gift that i can imagine. but the birthday girl didn't kick back and relax on her big day; she prepared a sumptuous spread of muffins, scones with whipped cream and jam, cornish pasties, AND a chocolate-chocolate chip cake. it was such a decadent and fun party (involving an insane bollywood film and avoiding boring 'grown-up' business conversations) that i was almost able to forget about the problems i am going through in denmark right now. for a night, at least. (:

right now i have a lot of free time (certainly not by choice) so i'm trying to use those hours in a positive way. i've found that cooking is fairly therapeutic for me, but i'm just one girl who can only eat so much. the birthday party was a good excuse to remake abby's infamous cheesecake. seeing the little chewing-smile on people's faces when they're eating something you made is almost like a little high. my husband, the supportive sweetheart he is, has a lot of work to do these days. so unfortunately that means not that many meals together with me. eating alone is a sad and dangerous thing, so i'm glad to have found a friend that lives just down the street from us. that means frequent chats over cups of tea/coffee, late night outings, and spur-of-the-moment meals together. i love it!

without the warm meals and warmer friends, i probably would have given up living in this cold country a long time ago. obviously i'm thankful for my friends but also thanks to everyone who wrote the recipes (and videos) that taught me how to cook. (:

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SofiePauw sagde ...

I wondered if you had have our comment about Kafa-x.
We are three belgian students who will come to Denmark in January.
Is it possible to give a reaction to our message?
Thank you!