søndag den 15. august 2010

the reception

although i planned almost nothing for our actual wedding, i had high hopes for our reception. the plan was for a grill party in the yard; i was ready to wow these danes with the power of korean bbq, hah! unfortunately the danish summer had a mood swing and the forecast didn't look good. luckily it was okay to hold the reception at the collective we used to live in, so we got to have a 'hyggeligt' evening indoors. and boy, did it pour that night!

some people thought it was strange that we arranged it 3 weeks later but if it took place on our wedding night, i probably would have had a meltdown. it didn't seem like a lot of work at first but, well, those that know me are aware of my passion for making things from scratch. i made the fondant for the owl and the pussycat a few days in advance, just in case i screwed it up. the cakes were baked the night before the reception and i assembled them at the dining table of the collective... with several early bird guests watching me set layers together and frost it. no pressure!! the finished cake looks awful with bits of crumbs all over but hey, it tasted really good. and was vegan from cake to frosting! except the fondant figures, which contained gelatin... which, now that i think about it, seems quite unnecessary. i feel pretty stupid about adding that now, but i think only 2 people ate parts of the figurines and none of them were my vegan guests. (:

the morning/afternoon of the reception, i made a bean and corn salad, a potato salad with feta, and managed to squeeze in a quick jog while rising 4 loaves of bread before baking. those are more like my everyday food so not really worth mentioning. however, some of my guests were sweet enough to bring some food too! my american friend brought a really great avocado and tomato salad that tasted like a mash away from becoming an awesome guacamole. my english friend brought a wonderful caramelized onion and anchovy pizza and also a smoked mackerel spread that everyone was raving about. my spanish friend brought crackers, cream cheese, smoked salmon, and gorgonzola. ohhhh, i was in foodie heaven. ^^

we were not expecting gifts from our friends, but how could we refuse? isn't that one of the reasons people get married; to get new stuff? the first was a cool book called aktivistens kokebok (the activist's cookbook) from a youth house kitchen in norway. it has a lot of delicious-looking vegan and vegetarian recipes; luckily i can read norwegian. (;
the gift that made me a bit emotional was a huge retro-looking kitchenaid blender in my favourite colour; yellow! i can foresee this blender getting a lot of use in the near future, as i've been suffering from toothpain for a week and i'm due at the dentist tomorrow. the gift was from several of the girls that i originally met in danish class, including my american friend is going back to california (represent!) in a couple days. we shared many fantastic meals together and it will be a while before we meet again. i was so moved by the thoughtfulness of the gift and the dread of not being able to hang out with that friend anymore. not to mention my english friend is moving to hong kong in 2 months. why does it have to be the girls i spent the most time with? oh well, life gets in the way of friendships sometimes. ):

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What gorgeous cake toppers, I love that they are the Owl & the Pussy Cat and that you made them! Congratulations :D