fredag den 27. august 2010

a proper chicken sandwich

my first day at work was a blur. it ended early, which was lucky, because my boss had just signed my work contract that morning and the immigration office closes at noon on mondays. and the rules state that i can't submit my work permit papers any later than the first day of work. yikes! i made it a half hour before closing to take my number. 199. now serving 132. o_o

[photo of nasty-ass burger not included. i like to keep this blog work-safe.]

now, i rarely eat junk food, at least the stuff that isn't homemade... but i realized i was really hungry! it was 11:30 and i hadn't had anything besides a cup of coffee. maybe some of you can run on that kind of fuel, where i get incredibly cranky if i'm not fed properly; my husband knows that better than anyone. there was an 'italian' takeakway around the corner and i ordered a chicken burger. when i came back and opened the container, my appetite nearly flew out the window. the patty was a dark brown fried disc with mayonnaise peeking out from between both top and bottom slices of bread. i hate mayo!! why i didn't think to ask about it was beyond me. but i was still hungry and they were already locking the doors to the office to deal remaining with the number-holders. i was left with no option but to face this disgusting beast.

so the next day i made a revenge sandwich. chicken breast covered in dijon mustard and then dredged in panko breadcrumbs, parmesan, and s&p. baked at 175ºC for 40 minutes in a bit of olive oil. some nice crusty bread schmeared with sambal oelek plus tomatoes and lettuce and you got yourself a respectable sandwich with not a drop of mayo to be found! by the way, if you have any respect for chicken, don't get a chicken burger from that place by the immigration office. =_=

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Bri sagde ...

How long did you end up waiting?
I think the first time I went we got there at 10am and didn't get out until 3pm. We hadn't eaten a thing all day :s

mina sagde ...

i think i was lucky and only waited about an hour. last time i waited 3 hours. and i should have followed your example and not eaten anything. =_=