søndag den 20. juni 2010

world cup food

who knew something so simple as leeks could become such a show-stopping part of the meal? i almost couldn't concentrate on the game, i was spending so much time slurping them up. the only thing keeping it from being vegan was the mayo in the dijonnaise. i didn't have anything else, unfortunately. anyway it was so fast and so good. now i know what to do with my leftover leeks and will never curse the pack of three again. (:

of course there has been the typical spread of burgers, hot dogs, chips, dips, and nuts to go with the endless amount of carlsberg that has been flowing through the city. but in my circle of friends, i've been blessed with delicious vegetarian options as well. my english girlfriend is a whiz with beetroot and made some wonderful beetcakes with yoghurt dressing last night. unfortunately no photo to show. i feel kind of rude taking pictures of food that my friends have made. what do you think?

i've contributed kimchi pizza, mung bean pancakes, hummus with roasted garlic, and marinated mushrooms (all but the pizza are vegan). these dishes are not so special to me, but if i can make someone feel like i did when i tasted my friend's beetcakes, well, i'll keep on bringing them out. one man's everyday food is another man's exotic dish? something like that. we've been having quite a few dinners together but not so many outdoors as we had hoped. this summer is suffering from a severe case of suckage. hopefully the sun will decide to show its face by the end of june and we can do some GRILLIN. let's make some picnic dates! (:

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