søndag den 13. juni 2010

better birthday

why is it taking me so long to post when i already have the photos edited and ready to upload? it's not like i am busy or anything... i have work and school but there is plenty of free time in between. no excuse; i feel uninspired. but pretty good!

last year i spent almost my entire birthday cooking japchae, baking a 3-layer cake and a pie, only to find out that most of the people i invited didn't show up. several of my boyfriend's (very sweet) friends were in attendance, but i had no friends of my own at that time. to add insult to injury, i cleaned everything up on my own the next morning before my flight to norway. it was not what i was hoping for at all. ):

this year i celebrated my birthday in the shared yard of our apartment complex. i was crossing my fingers for good weather since a) it's denmark and b) it had been overcast/raining in the days leading up to the party. but it was mostly sunny with good food and even better friends. another plus was that i did minimal preparation; the vegan cupcakes were made the day before and the dough for the bread was sitting in the fridge, as always. on the morning of the party i just mixed up some buttercream for the cupcakes, baked the refrigerated bread dough, and cut some veggies to dip.

i was really surprised when three of my neighbors walked into the yard and presented me with a pair of big balloon bouquets. they had seen my birthday notice and thought it was a kid's party, haha. i'd never met them before so i thought it was extremely sweet of them. my friends brought two(!) chocolate cakes, candy, pasta salad, beetroot hummus, chips, fruit, and obviously beer. seems like no party in denmark is complete without beer. is that sad, or is it just me?

another sad thing was the paper plates and plastic utensils. though they did grant me a LOT less clean-up afterwards, of course i feel bad about the waste. anyone know where i can find some more environmentally-friendly, single-use plates and utensils here in denmark? if i was at my parents' house, i might have used a couple leaves from their grapevine on top of a flat piece of wood. maybe that would look too pretentious though. anyway, help! though it's a rainy june, i have hopes for a warm summer and many meals eaten outdoors in good company. (:

thanks to everyone who made my year was awesome as it was. there's been some hurdles and growing-up, but i think 24 was one of the best years of my life. ^^

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Anonym sagde ...

Looks like you had a blast birthday.

Don't worry too much about paper plates. I've done a subject called Life Cycle Assessment once and all these paper waste (that can't be recycled) would be incinerated to create energy so it's not completely un-green to use paper plates.

On the other hand, when you wash real plates, you will pollute water with soap and so on and it'd take time to cleanse the water.

on the beer subject: yeah it's kinda sad in a way that we need to have beer to have fun :(