søndag den 25. april 2010

vegan dinner

i'm longing for summer when dinner parties can be held with some natural light left. these photos are pretty bad but the dinner was nice. it starred two of my friends here in copenhagen, a vegan-vegetarian couple. though i'm not vegan myself, i always find it exciting to work with new methods of cooking.

we had black bean burgers but i don't really have a recipe for them. it's onions, tomato paste, salt, panko..? something like that. seasoned until it tasted edible. that's a nice thing about making burgers without meat; you can taste it before cooking and not get sick. my friends made some awesome garlic mushrooms; two things i love, smashed together! i was so happy about those. and yes, that is kimchi you see on the other half of my bun. (;

for dessert, banana cake! i found some passion fruits last week, just sitting there in the bin. how could i not take them? but the vegan icing i make for the cake looked awful, like someone had desecrated it when i wasn't looking. but it was me! oh well, it tasted good anyway. note to self, don't put rice flour in icing.

overall, i think it was a success. so when are YOU coming over for dinner? (;

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

Me! Me! Me! I want to come to your place for dinner and have vegan sushi and all :)

mina sagde ...

you are always welcome!! (:
just let me know when you have time.

Rachel sagde ...

Everything looks delicious in the pictures, Mina! That banana cake looks very scrumptious for a dessert or for breakfast the next morning.

Bri sagde ...

Looks utterly delicious! *drool*