søndag den 24. januar 2010


the thing i miss most about california is not so much the low prices, nor the great variety of food, or even the mostly sunny weather. well, the weather part hasn't been looking too great these days. what i want here in denmark is my friends and family. the personal interaction is still happening, but nowhere near the level that i had with my loved ones back home. even my coworkers felt closer in california. here, there always seems to be some sort of barrier between me and most danes. maybe it has to do with cautiousness of cultures or just the fact that i am a relatively new person. but there are a few people here that make me feel a little more at home.

...and one of them happens to be a great cook! she graciously invited me and two other ex-classmates over to her apartment for dinner. and what a feast it was! i am not sure how she managed to make such a tender shredded pork dish with what is available here in denmark, even with her slew of ingredients brought from mexico and the states.

i dare to say the best part of the meal was fresh corn tortillas, made on her mother's old tortilla press. they were so delicious that i could have eaten them alone. but the other offerings were so good that i couldn't resist. ^^

rice, refried beans, salsa, chicken and bell peppers for fajita, potatoes... oh, what a night! it was nothing short of an honor to be eating such great food with awesome people. i wasn't expecting the night to go on for late, but we lost track of time and i ended up at home around 2am. yikes! sorry if i overstayed my welcome, claudia, but thanks for it! and of course thanks for being someone familiar to me in a (still) new place. (:

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DreaminginDanish sagde ...

oh gurl...we need to have a chat when i move to CPH. Latins know how to warm the cockles of any heart...it's genetic or sumthin'. It's not just you, it take YEARS to get into a Dane. It's also the thing I miss the most about home...intimacy. Everyday intimacy. While I was home I never would have used that word, I would have said "interaction" or "exchange", but I realize now that it was a form of temporary intimacy.
I send you a virtual hug and I love the pics of the DELICIOUS food! yum yum yum as I always say on your blog. ;)

mina sagde ...

thanks for the comment, girl! i'm glad to know it's not just me. ^^;

can't wait to see you in the city!

Bri sagde ...

You're definately not alone with feeling a bit 'alienated'. I love being here in KBH, but sometimes it's just so hard because people really aren't that easy to talk to... and I consider myself one of the lucky ones in that my fiancé's family and friends are just so lovely and accommodating. Back in Sydney I'd make new friends with co-workers and even just random people you'd start talking to at shows. It just seems a lot harder to make friends here.