lørdag den 9. januar 2010

baggage and bento

after enjoying constant temperatures above 15°C in california (in december!) it's almost refreshing to come back to a snowy winter in denmark. however, the cold will still take a bit of getting used to. especially since the nice coat i just bought in america is in my suitcase, which is still swimming around somewhere in heathrow. at least i hope so.

also in that suitcase are some new ingredients that i bought to help kick off my new bento lunches. by the way, the bento boxes are in the suitcase too. ):

so the first 'bento' is pretty boring. kale which was first blanched and then stir-fried in some soy and sesame oil with plain brown rice. YAWN. well, it's healthy anyway. hopefully my luggage will arrive tomorrow so i can make my lunch on monday a bit more creative.

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Anonym sagde ...

I definitely need to pack my own lunch. The food standard at work is deteriorating LOL and it's getting even more expensive now at 45 kr per meal :(