mandag den 18. januar 2010

mandu, take 2

again i took kimchi to work with no ill after-effects. there was also rice, seasoned mung bean sprouts, and some toasted seaweed. the only thing i'm afraid of is when i have to get close to my patients. maybe they can smell my ferment-y breath but are too polite (typical danes) to say so. better start taking a toothbrush to work. x:

i spent sunday afternoon biking to the asian shop through a bit of lazily falling snow and then making dumplings. cycling through snow is great; your body warms up well while you take in the scenery. there were little kids playing ice hockey on the lakes and i saw a lot of people skating in the middle. as for the dumplings, i learned my lesson from last time and took the easy way out by paying 20kr for a package of dumpling wrappers. of course it was much easier and faster. the filling was basically the same; tofu, spring onion, shiitake, and bean sprouts. i can't wait to steam/fry some and take it in my work lunch!

on new years day i spent a good hour or so meditatively folding dumplings with my aunts and even the dane tried his hand at it. i was so proud of him! (:

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June sagde ...

The dumplings we make are the tibetan version called Momos. I made my dane roll the pastry wrapping from scratch and fold them. I was so proud of him as well LOL.

DreaminginDanish sagde ...

Growing up a few blocks from Chinatown in NYC, I have definitely eaten so many thousands of dumplings and it is truly one of my favorite foods- up there above some of my own Puerto Rican food favorites. DUMPLINGS!!!

mina sagde ...

what's your dumpling filling, june? (:

oohhh, chinatown! i miss dimsum. SO MUCH. ):

UPDATE: my dane likes the dumplings! yay!

mina sagde ...
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