onsdag den 23. december 2009

the food

although i'm in california now, i figured i should not forget to write about the last dinner out in denmark. it's a restaurant right across from empire bio and just a few skips away from our apartment. there is a glass wall in front of the kitchen so you can see the chefs working from outside the joint.

i ordered pan-fried scallops with steamed leeks. it came with a mayonnaise-y sauce and seaweed salad. those who know me will remember that mayo is my sworn enemy, but i have to admit that it paired very well with the dish. a perfect entree! however, the lovely bread rolls that came with our meal were a little unpredictable. the first one i ate was a little bland and the second one was incredibly salty. so eat it at your own risk. (:

the food
guldbergsgade 29
2200 københavn
tlf. 40448510

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