onsdag den 21. oktober 2009

to your health

there are many joys in having my own flat. privacy, power, and (most importantly) doing what i want in the kitchen, when i want! i can roast vegetables at 8am without having to worry about waking anyone except my fiance, who can sleep through my clanging of pots and pans. i can spend all afternoon making kimchi without hearing anyone complain about the unfamiliar stench. i can eat wasa crackers spread thickly with peanut butter at midnight without anyone raising an eyebrow and wondering aloud why americans are crazy about peanut butter. of course this does come with a downside...

i am getting fat. the combination of my week-long crazy coughing (goodbye afternoon jogs!) and newfound kitchen freedom, i'm now the proud owner of some mo' pudge. too bad i can't handle the typical danish lunch of fiber-packed rugbrød and a few carrots for lunch. though i do love it on occasion, it just gets boring after a few days. bittman's list of salads has been helping me a lot but greens for lunch every day needs something to give it some flair. that's where dressing comes in to save those of us who are not madly in love with the taste of plain rucola 5 days a week. today i found a nice recipe that will keep me busy for a while. soy, ginger, and garlic are good friends of mine so it's no surprise that this dressing appealed to me.

p.s. i've finally decided; to hell with my patients and coworkers! i will eat garlic for lunch if i feel like it! (:

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Tak - den opskrift er straks noteret. Det er lige noget for mig. God weekend.