lørdag den 26. september 2009

breakfast burger

at 10 in the morning after a long night of beers and friends, what does a mina crave?


it was pretty indulgent with a 'healthy' amount of jalapeño slices, greens, a tomato, klovborg cheese (nothing special, just all we had), patty, dijon mustard, and ketchup all on an artisan bread in 5. but there's something strange about this burger!

there is a severe lack of MEAT. i bought a pack of quorn yesterday on the way home from work. normally i am pretty against fake meats since there is a bounty of other more natural foods that can be used instead of 'textured vegetable protein,' and mycoprotein. plus i find it strange that vegetarians would want to have something that feels just like meat in their mouths. in any case the quorn grounds were only 10kr, which is a lot cheaper than any other kind of grounds that i would consider eating.

when formed into patties, they predictably fell apart while i was cooking them in the pan. however, once the burgers were assembled, the taste and texture was so much like meat that i was honestly a little disturbed. afterwards i was feeling pretty good. there was none of the usual post-burger chest pains and rock-in-the-stomach-itis. unfortunately i don't think i'll be buying this product again since it's usually a bit more expensive and i don't chow down on burgers that often. but it was a very interesting experience!

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Anonym sagde ...

Where did you get the quorn thing? It looks very interesting.

Anonym sagde ...

I'd been wondering if it would stay together as a patty! I just use the stuff as taco fillings. We're not veggies, but I like to go meatless as often as possible. My husband rarely notices it if I use a meat substitute! But feigns being upset when I let him in on it! HA.

Naomid sagde ...

Spicy, hearty, and vegetably hits all the right morning after spots! Nice photo.

mina sagde ...

eva, i got it from superbrugsen. i think all the big chains sell it in the freezer section.

jennie, it's a pretty good substitute but i'm sure it takes up too much energy to produce... so i'd rather just eat regular shrooms. (:

naomid, you got it! i would have liked it a tad spicier though; maybe i should have gone for sambal oelek instead of jalapenos. :x

Laura sagde ...

Wow mina, I love your food photos! Hope copenhagen is a blast... we really, really enjoyed our stint in munich. Cheers, the vegetarian hausfrau

progeria sagde ...

Drooling over here...More happy to know it is one of the lesser dangerous food and a bit healthy too. You know the saying, good things don't taste good and bad things don't taste bad. All temptations are like that I guess. Got to try this one up. Thanks for the post. You got a great eye and tongue for food lol. Nice pics