søndag den 6. september 2009

blah blah blah sushi

after the theft that occurred on saturday morning, it was a delight to see my future in-laws. they came bearing so many bags full of foodgifts from germany. what is it with danes and shopping in germany? it's cheap but it's not THAT cheap. anyway the in-laws took us to dinner at our favourite sushi place in copenhagen and it didn't disappoint. we even got dessert, which neither the dane nor i have ever tried before. green tea ice cream with a sort of chocolate/coffee cheesecake and fruits. SO GOOD. :D

helgolandsgade 16
københavn v
phone: 88 71 46 46

now this sushi place is also nice but not as awesome as bento. you could take your colleague or client here but the food is definitely not worth the price. pictured above is a seaweed salad (objects in photo may appear larger than they actually are) with lightly grilled scallop which looked a lot better in the menu. i thought there would at least be more seaweed salad for 84kr. the actual nigiri were nothing special and the rolls were as good as tempura-whatevers should be. in any case the atmosphere was proper and it felt good to take my fiance out to dinner and not worry about every kroner. we just won't be returning here any time soon.

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Anonym sagde ...

mmmm...the dessert did look appetizing.

we never really order dessert anymore when we eat in danish restaurants do we? it's too expensive already :(

mina sagde ...

i totally agree.. and in the summertime, fruit is so much better. (: