søndag den 6. september 2009

another blank week

apparently the reason why my first weeks at work were so slow was because media had advised the public not to go to the hospital during summertime due to understaffing. also, there have been some new(?) laws implemented that require patients to get an echocardiogram within 24 hours if they are having chest pains, some more hours if they have a murmur upon auscultation of the heart, etc. so my list of people to see every day is getting longer and longer. and now i am working together with a nurse to teach her the basics of echocardiography, which slows me down a bit. but i still enjoy my job and coworkers very much and there's a party for our department coming up. looking forward to it! (:

so this is mostly what i've been eating during the busy week. fresh fruit and lightly cooked vegetables. luckily the end of summer in denmark has been churning out some awesome produce and i can't really be bothered to do anything else. though i did manage to make some pretty good (hand-chopped!) pesto, i couldn't even muster the energy to 'style' it enough for photographing. oh well, there's still some left. maybe later. today all i did was sliced beetroot with olive oil, balsamic, and s&p. the kitchen looked like a crime scene. (:

this weekend was supposed to be fun and relaxing for me but it turned out to be stressful. as i was heading to the shopping street with my friend, someone stole my wallet. they just reached right into my backpack and took it. i felt something shift around but i thought nothing of it and didn't look; obviously something i deeply regretted once when checking out at the tiger store and discovered something missing. the next day a shawarma shop found it and i got it back with all my cards but minus the cash, of course. it was easy to close the danish card but the american debit and credit cards took almost an hour on the phone to close. it was just endless transferring and holding only to find out i needed to have the account number of the card to close it. ugh. fix yourself, america!!

i am pretty mad about the whole situation but there's nothing i can do about it now and at least i got my awesome wallet (a gift from the dane) and my california drivers license back. the good news i have for this week is that we found a decently-priced apartment! and it's close by! and it has a yard!! soon i'll be grillin' like a villian just like in california. ^^

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Anonym sagde ...

oh yay for the apartment. Is it still in Nørrebro area?

mina sagde ...

yeah, it's on peter fabers gade. you're invited to the house-warming party whenever it is. (: