mandag den 3. august 2009

work food

today was my very first day of work in denmark! so obviously i did not have caramelized onions on oatmeal for breakfast. i got the idea from tea & cookies and though it is really healthy, filling, and amazing, i would rather not subject my new colleagues to my onion breath all day. on that note, i am brainstorming about what kind of lunch i can take to work. of course most of the other nurses just ate the typical danish lunch of rugbrød and pålægs stuff like cheese slices and shrimp spread while i brought a lazy meal of chickpeas with olive oil, pepper, and tomato sauce. that's IT. ever since i learned to cook a bit more seriously i have really been laying it on thick at home with garlic, chilies, seaplants... since i eat those 'aromatic' ingredients fairly often, the only way i found out that my polite roommates didn't appreciate the smell was through the grapevine. so now i am pretty paranoid about stank-ass kimchi breath especially when i am leaning in close to a patient. x:

besides salads and sandwiches, what kinds of healthy, filling (preferably meatless) lunches won't make the doctors recoil in horror when i want to discuss a patient with them?

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Anonym sagde ...

Don't you have canteen over there? My work canteen is exceptionally good in making Danish food and with a portion costing 15 kr, I think it's an ok price. I never bother (I'm lazy anyway :P) to make my own lunch.

Rachel sagde ...

here's some ideas:
-soy yogurt or yogurt
-plenty of fruit choices... but prob more of a snack, but apples are great sliced up on bread or i like them in salads.
-soups are great over vegetables w. bread or crackers
- to change up traditional sandwiches, how about wraps or pita breads
- heating a potato in microwave topped w/ cheese & some broccoli

Rachel sagde ...

And I 4got to say, I hope you continue enjoying your new job - congrats again! :-)

mina sagde ...

thanks, ladies! (:

eva: what kinda danish food? there is a canteen but i'm told it takes close to 10 minutes to walk there and of course you need to order food... and my lunch is only 30 minutes! x:

rachel: i'm taking soup tomorrow! i don't even know if we have a microwave, though. D:

Anonym sagde ...

My canteen makes the best boller i karry ever, along with tastiest (and believe it or not: spiciest) frikadeller ever! They make all sort of meat and potatoes arrangement but all managed to satisfy my tastebuds.

I believe their key to success is to actually use the spice rack they have in their kitchen instead of the usual salt and pepper that Danish kitchens mostly use

Gutsy Living sagde ...

I'm new to your blog, and enjoyed your post. I've never heard of onions on oatmeal, although I do like jam on my cheese like the Danes, even here in California.