søndag den 16. august 2009

simple salads

i've seen the article for bittman's 101 simple salads and i must say that it's a good inspiration for the last few weeks of summer. it also helps that preparation for most of them is fairly quick, so i can take them to work. as long as they don't have garlic! the embarrassing moment finally came on tuesday when i was performing an echocardiogram and the patient asked me, "do you like garlic?" in disbelief, i asked him to repeat himself. "it's alright, i like garlic too. it's healthy!" he replied jovially. ugh, i must have turned bright red. the night before i had eaten some roasted garlic hummus for dinner, thoroughly brushed my teeth and showered before bed, and brushed again in the morning. i guess that garlic really pushes through pores like nobody's business. ):

anyway, what better to go with salad than a nice little bread? this artisan bread has been a friend to me all week. totally delicious and cheap bread that only takes 40 minutes of resting and 30 minutes of baking. even though emmerys is fantastic bakery located very closeby, it's quite expensive... so while i still have a few hours to myself in the day, i'll stick with the homemade stuff. best part is, the dough lasts 2 weeks in the fridge. (:

a bit of the old dough is supposed to be left in the bucket when the new dough is mixed together, making the flavour more complex. well, i sure hope so. i can't wait to try the next batch!

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...

the salad is colourfully beautiful. Is there such word? LOL Anyway I envy you because you can be a vegetarian, I can't no matter how much I want it. I still need my portion of meat although I don't eat meat like Danes do :D

mina sagde ...

thanks eva! and i'm definitely not vegetarian; i can't live without seafood. but those that walk on land i can live without. xD