tirsdag den 4. august 2009

cheap, homemade bread wins again

though white bread may not appear on my plate for weeks at a time, i've been totally won over by this one. once i made the very hyped no-knead bread, i knew i would end up making the artisan bread in five minutes a day. the former was stellar but only for the first day while the latter is equally effortless and got eaten within hours. i ended up eating a third of the loaf as soon as it came out of the oven. it was only meant to be a taste and i wasn't even hungry... but the crust was so crisp and the crumb tasted great for such a short rise and rest.

however, the insides were disappointingly soft. my imagination had somehow led me to believe this airy, barely-touched dough would yield a chewy crumb. silly mina. i left it in the oven for 30 minutes as advised, but as soon as i took the loaf out and tapped the bottom i knew there was something amiss. is it supposed to be this soft? at least it will make amazing toast.

of course i baked an additional loaf about the size of my fist so i could have a simple, non-stinky sandwich for lunch at work. baked the night before, wrapped in a dishtowel, cut and stuffed in the morning, and sat in a fridge until lunchtime. it was still delicious even cold and with just tomatoes and mustard. glad to know there's a bucket of this dough in the fridge now so i can bake when i please but my loaves won't get soggy and end up being fed to the ducks.

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Unknown sagde ...

Oh man, I love the whole wheat version of this bread. I use it as pizza dough and it is freaking awesome. And easy!