søndag den 30. august 2009


the one dish this week that was not only successful, but went above and beyond my expectations, was the humble cauliflower. i paid 8kr for it and it fed me lunch for three days. all i had to do was roast it with a bit of olive oil and good ol' s&p. next time i'll toss it with some feta.

but the impressive part was the leaves. in the supermarkets in california i only remember seeing the white heads of cauliflower in the produce department. the leaves on this particular vegetable looked too nice to toss. so i took a chance and roasted the leaves with the florets, which resulted in a crispy leaf; tasting very much like a potato chip. with all the salt and oil, i don't know if it's any healthier. but at least you get a side of chips with your vegetables.

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Anonym sagde ...

Mina, I think you're the daughter my mom wish to have!

I remember how she tried to feed me with cauliflower when I was a kid. It was a nightmare! LOL I still get flashes of those "scenes" whenever I see blomkål on the supermarket rack

mina sagde ...

but it's so gooooooood for yoooou~ :D