fredag den 28. august 2009

cafe eats

this past sunday i had the pleasure of eating brunch with two friends. i was torn between ordering a cheese plate and a smoked salmon salad, but judging from the photo with the large roll of fish i'm sure anyone can guess what i chose. the salad was delicious with nuts, raisins, bitey red onions, and actually very little lettuce. the only problem was that the plate was so damn small; i kept dropping the tiny croutons everywhere. to add insult to injury, eva and gita got giant brunch plates that had plenty of room to spare. anyway it's not much to complain about since it's a fairly cozy cafe with lots of interesting beers to choose from.

plan b
frederiksborggade 48
1360 københavn k
3336 3656

this cafe along the lakes is an old favourite of the dane's. in the summertime, it's no wonder; they have a big platform on the lakes where you can eat your food under the sunshine. they can also do a reliable burger for him and a humongous salad for me. usually i pick the same one with wakame every time, but i went for the warm goat cheese on thursday. the salad itself is nothing special (boasting a total of 3 olives... thanks a lot!) but the melty, gooey goat cheese on toast really hit the spot! YUM. i should really just make this at home instead of wasting money at an already popular joint. (:

peblinge dossering 6
2200 københavn n
3535 1219

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Anonym sagde ...

Gotta love that smoked salmon roll.

DreaminginDanish sagde ...

*said in low serious voice* i love goat cheese