lørdag den 25. juli 2009

weird wrap

no, i do not suffer from leftover caramelized onions. even though i think that tossing 3 onions into a pan will yield too much, i end up consuming all that deliciousness. hey, it's vegetables, right? it's all good. anyway i wanted to make a wrap for lunch because these tortillas are so good. i never imagined that they would be so easy to make, especially since a pack of 20 can be bought for $1 in california. the first time i made these tortillas was for a burrito dinner for me and the dane last week. i whipped up a fiery salsa and cooked some soaked black beans in the rice cooker (who knew!). everything was so delicious that i hoovered it up before the thought of photographing entered my gluttonous head. oh well.

they look more like lavash than tortillas. for some reason i couldn't roll them out thin enough. though the recipe is intended to produce them quickly, maybe the dough could benefit from resting at least 20 minutes. anyway, it's so delicious. try it sometime and stop settling with those store-bought santa maria tortillas. stuff them with the odd (and cheap) combination of tomato, caramelized onions, and kidney beans like i did... or maybe go for something a little more conventional like falafel or refried beans.

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LazySumo sagde ...

Great post, thanks for linking to us! This is only the second link we've had from outside the US, that's awesome I think!

mina sagde ...

thank YOU for the tortillas. (: