torsdag den 9. juli 2009


i know there are tricks and tips on how to do it all over the net but i never thought i could make it work for some reason. but lo and behold, i got lentil sprouts! their taste has changed completely; a bit like jicama. a nice crunchy topping to smørrebrød or an interesting addition to hummus and other dips. puzzling to me that such life could spring from a seemingly dead pulse. *badum-chh!*

the site i nabbed this method from is lost somewhere in my history, but all it took was a bowl and a strainer. i bought these red lentils from one of the arab green grocers almost 6 months ago and i was getting sick of picking through them every time i wanted soup... so many rocks and lemon seeds and things. well i just soaked the lentils overnight, drained, and rinsed them 3 times a day. even left them in the strainer the whole time. i heard that these sprouts should be consumed before the 4th day for optimal nutrition but i couldn't wait and ate them all before then. now i need some more lentils. :P

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Anonym sagde ...

Love the new header. I love owls too ever since I started reading Harry Potter LOL

mina sagde ...

thanks. ^^;

it was hastily put together... might redo it later. the font is bothering me! and don't even get me started on harry potter; every time i walk by a tv and one of those movies is on, i can't tear my eyes away... it's like a gruesome car accident, lol

Anonym sagde ...

oooh. so have you by any chance pre-ordered the harry potter *gasp* ticket?

mina sagde ...

...i have no idea what you're talking about. preorder? D:

Anonym sagde ...

They started selling the tickets to Harry Potter 6th film premiere since last week or something like that.

No chance of getting it now I suppose :( I guess I'd have to wait awhile