søndag den 5. juli 2009


surprise! the past several days i haven't even really been thinking about food. it's been about music, friends, and having fun. and also some beers here and there but you can blame that on the brilliant summer heat.. (;

roskilde is a nonprofit festival that is well-known for environmental and humanitarian concern. and of course there are some notable bands every year like kanye west, pet shop boys, and oasis. the ones i looked most forward to seeing was nick cave and the bad seeds and tony allen. they didn't disappoint! especially tony allen; it was one giant dance party with great sound.

the most memorable show was alamaailman vasarat (can you say it 3 times fast?); an unusual band from finland. this was their first time playing in denmark. the electricity blew out halfway through the set but luckily the roskilde crew got everything back in order quickly. also in each tent/venue there is water given out at the front of the stage so everyone can keep hydrated. have i mentioned how efficient denmark can be?

of course i had to eat something eventually. this humble offering was a gift from one of my roommates who happened to be working at the milkshake stand. penne and olives with some pretty decent bread. substantial, to say the least! there was a wide array of sustenance offered; african food, burgers, soup, sandwiches with freshly baked bread, salad, hummus, and even some dubious-looking sushi. not exactly orange county fair fare. in fact the only fried foods i saw were fries and falafel.

three days, fifteen bands, and many beers later i am officially pooped. i wouldn't have lasted as long if i had camped onsite. copenhagen is blessedly close and i got to go home every night and take a hot shower and sleep in a bed. yay! big thanks to tigerspring and i got you on tape (who received good reviews for their roskilde performance!) for giving me a chance to experience such an amazing festival. hope to do it again next year! :D

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Anonym sagde ...

Great shots! I'm amazed by your compact camera that can take all these great shots

mina sagde ...

thanks! the biggest problem my camera has is taking pictures in the kitchen on a cloudy day. which is unfortunately when i need it most. :P