onsdag den 1. juli 2009

less cooking, more cooling

i was elated to see two decent mangoes for 10kr at mix marked. however, i was disappointed when i cut them open and saw they were veiny and not very flavourful. arg. i used up the last of the bok choy to make a bed for the sad mango slices and drizzled it with the sweet soy sauce from the kong jang that's sitting in the fridge, too blasted with flavour for me to snack on without rice. the sweet sauce made the lame frugt og gront pretty bearable.

the dane has been experimenting with a delicious hummus recipe that only improves with each fresh batch. he normally doesn't like to prepare anything beyond toasting bread and scrambling eggs, so of course it's a delight whenever he volunteers to cook. last night, he made a seemingly unsummery dinner; a deep chili con carne in a hot kitchen. but it made me sweat a little bit, effectively cooling me off. plus it was topped with creme fraiche. i'm late in discovering this taste but instantly enamoured. i'm not skilled enough with a camera to make chili look nice so here's the wine i got for the meal. i thought a rioja would go well with the spice but maybe this one just didn't fit. it was not anywhere as heavy as i thought it would be. perhaps it would have been nice on its own but at 52kr it wasn't so bad to try. nice wines and cheeses are the only thing i can get cheaper in copenhagen than orange county year-round.

it's a time for white wine and sangria anyway. better yet, beers at roskilde. (:

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