tirsdag den 28. juli 2009

korean-chinese relations

my fiance was smitten from the first time he tasted jjamppong. we were in new york city meeting my great uncle, who took us to a korean-chinese fusion restaurant. it was pretty cold weather in those days and we already had a bit of the sniffles. but once the spicy noodles started disappearing into our bellies, our noses were running like waterfalls. it was so spicy and delicious! yet my fiance marveled at the fact that all the spice could clear up with one sip of ginger ale. so it's easy to see why jjamppong was always on my to-do list ever since i got into korean cooking. sadly the seafood was frozen and small, but the dane still liked it and i was more than satisfied.

of course i used yet another one of maangchi's fail-safe recipes to make this spicy seafood soup. overall it was very easy to prepare. the longest part was making the stock and the pot was mostly unattended. these noodles, however, are quite rare in copenhagen. i had to go to 6-7 different green grocers to locate them. by the time i found the noodles, i was too happy to even care about the price. i know i paid at least twice as much as i would have in california but HEY. I AM NOT IN CALIFORNIA. AND I HAVE A JOB NOW. so i can deal with it. and i can bring some back next time i visit. (:

also i found soju. SOJU!! YAYYYY. but there was only one bottle so i feel like i gotta save this for a precious nectar (lol, who am i kidding) for a special occasion. congratulations, denmark. you have impressed me.

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Anonym sagde ...

mmmm I love spicy food :) and I love noodles so you can guess what kind of effect your pictures have toward me :D